19 Month Update

19 months! This month marks the end of ‘she’s such and such months’, I’m now answering with ‘shes one and a half’. Isla is now closer to her second birthday than her first and I’m definitely missing having a baby. However, once again, this is my favorite age (I say this every time).

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13 Month Update 

So my baby has been one for a whole month! How did this happen? She’s well and truely a toddler now. As sad as it is, I love it at the same time. She’s developing into a crazy amazing little girl who has so much to offer this world. I can’t wait to see the friends she makes at school and if she’s an academic or a creative? Maybe she’ll be super sporty or be like her mama and do anything to avoid excersise (I’d rather just eat thanks).

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What’s in the Box? 

The whole Christmas Eve box tradition is totally new to me. I hadn’t actually heard of them until Isla was born but I knew straight away I’d be doing one. Isla was only two weeks old on her first Christmas so we’re treating this one as a proper first Christmas. She hardly even had any presents at her first one as she had everything she needed! I thought it would be lovely to write a Christmassy post so where better to start than the first Christmas items I bought this year?

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