21 Month Update

She’s so close to being TWO! How is this happening? Why is this happening? Broodiness has hit an all time high at this point as shes so not a baby anymore. This month, or past two/three month since the last update has been busy and full of learning. She’s such a little crazy character and I love watching how she grows each day. This age is such a sponge age and I feel like she’s learning and absorbing everything she hears and sees. So we need to watch our language!

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17 Month Update

So here we are, almost half way to two! These first few years are the quickest years I’ve ever experienced (I’m sure I always say that) but the way my life has changed is crazy. Never fails to amaze me how much one tiny human can completely change the course of your life. The 16th month has been fun. We’re in much more of what seems like a routine and its nice starting a day with a bit of a plan as to what the day holds.

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13 Month Updateย 

So my baby has been one for a whole month! How did this happen? She’s well and truely a toddler now. As sad as it is, I love it at the same time. She’s developing into a crazy amazing little girl who has so much to offer this world. I can’t wait to see the friends she makes at school and if she’s an academic or a creative? Maybe she’ll be super sporty or be like her mama and do anything to avoid excersise (I’d rather just eat thanks).

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