Product Review – Deuter Kid Comfort Air Child Carrier

As a family, we have always enjoyed baby wearing and I have personally done so since Isla was a few weeks old. Starting off with a stretchy and moving onto a Mai-tai, which is what I chose to use now. My partner Mathew has a much larger frame than me so wearing a Mai-tai isn’t comfortable for him at all and he doesn’t feel 100% confident with the ties.

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Product Review – Quinny Yezz Stroller

When Isla was 9 months old I quickly found that she was much happier in a world facing position in her pushchair. After a week or so she would no longer parent face so I began my search for a stroller. My main requirements where two things: 1. I wanted something compact and lightweight and 2. I wanted something eye catching and stylish as I really hate the look of most strollers.

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