Let them be Kids!

So, I’ve wanted to write a little post about my more personal views for a while but never felt like the time was right. Partly because lots of people will disagree and I don’t want to cause a debate but also partly because these opinions only developed once I became a parent and I need to be sure that something annoys me before I vent about it. So here goes.. (I appoligise for the crappy cartoon images in this post, but it really helps to get my point across).

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Healthy Eating

One of the biggest parts of the everyday in our house is food. I’m lucky in that Isla is a brilliant eater but with a good eater comes the struggle of having healthy homemade food and snacks ready five or six times per day. I’ve pretty much got it down to a tee now (took me long enough) and now don’t rely at all on convenience foods or toddler snacks. I thought it would be interesting to do a few examples on what Isla eats and I might include some recipes for the healthy snacks that her dad makes for her.

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Since I’ve Been Gone

I write this on a day following a terrorist attack on Manchester. Who knows if there will have been more by the time this is published. Today I’ve felt truly terrified of the world that our children are growing up in, terrified of the hate that they’ll see and the acts of violence they will witness. As children they should know nothing but love and kindness, and with our help the next generation could stand up against hate and follow our examples. Let them not be racist, or sexist, or just pricks in general. Let them be good people, because our beautiful world and our amazing children deserve it.

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