Product Review – Scratch Sleeves 

Thought I’d write a post about the one eczema product I will buy again and again and never change. Partially because there’s no alternatives out there in the UK, but also because they’re great.

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Eczema Products 

What works for one child may not work for another.. Words to live by in the case of eczema (take note GPs, not all children respond the same). Over the course of around six months me and Isla have slowly discovered what works best for us, the only way of knowing is trying everything. I’ve tried both prescribed and natural/organic products and I found that the prescribed tend to work slightly better for Isla, although I much prefer the organic products (but this isn’t about me). I thought I’d write about what works best for Isla as I often get asked for advice on social media:

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Eczema and Allergies

During pregnancy I often expressed my concerns that I’d pass my dodgy atopic genes onto the baby growing inside me. At first glances all was fine, no allergies, no eczema just baby soft skin. Then, one day, that first patch of dry skin on my gorgeous daughters tummy appeared and my heart sank. She had eczema, and I knew it wouldn’t be an easy ride. My own Mam has often told me stories of the constant exhaustion a parent of an ‘eczema baby’ faces. It was my worst nightmare, but I had to stay strong. The first appointment was fine, they confirmed eczema and gave us some creams. However after a few weeks of using these various creams and ointments I knew there was something else, and I suspected milk was the culprit. Isla would flare up so badly every few days and her GP just brushed us off with new creams and various other bulls**t. At the end of my tether, I demanded allergy tests and got my own way. Three months of suffering to eventually find out she’d been allergic to her milk the entire time, just as I’d suspected. On top of that she also has allergies to egg, soya and white potato. I was glad she had allergies, as allergies are easier to deal with than eczema and I believed the latter would disappear after a few weeks on the new special formula. But nope, although it improved it was most certainly still there.

So, we’re now pretty much used to the whole allergies and eczema thing. But it’s defiantly not easy: I can’t just put Isla down on the floor to play, because she’ll scratch. She has to either be supervised and when she’s not she needs to be wearing some sort of cover for her hands. Easier said than done for a 9 month old who can escape from any kind of mits you put on her. We have recently invested in a scratch sleeves which are dropping to bits after less than a week of use. And it’s not just those pesky fingers you need to worry about, the toes too! She’s what we call in the eczema world, a ‘toe scratcher’. There are next to no toe scratching products on the market so thick socks and tights is the best I can do until I find something designed for babies with eczema. A recent addition to the scratching is ‘teeth scratching’, I can’t find any information on this at all but she’s getting scars on her hands from where wounds aren’t getting enough time to heal. It could be worse, she could have a serious illness and I count my lucky stars that she’s otherwise perfectly healthy. But eczema most certainly comes with its challenges and in my opinion it makes getting through every day SO much harder. I believe it is making both mine and Islas characters so much stronger and as a team we will accomplish anything together. I intend for eczema to be a frequent feature thoughout my blog as its very much a part of my everyday parenting life so if there’s anything you would like to know, let me know.. Leave a comment and I’ll share any knowledge I’ve gained or advice I have. Also feel free to share your own eczema experiences, sharing is caring…