Creative Activity – Beach Art

We’re lucky enough to live pretty much on the beach so I’m unsure as to why this idea hasn’t crossed my mind before. Today we went for a walk along the beach and Isla collected sticks and shells like she does every time we go there and I thought it would be a great idea to incorporate them into our crafts. It also means we can visit one of the nearby forests too and make a craft page with the things we find there.

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Creative Activity – Painting

So as part of a new feature on my blog I decided I’d quite like to pop a little post about the creative activities me and Isla do together. Not sure whether its of any interest but I’d quite like to have them as little memories to look back on as Isla gets older. It will also be nice to see how her creativity improves over time and what activities I’d like to repeat again.

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Gettin’ Our Craft On

Transitioning from an infant to a toddler is anything but a smooth and painless transition (I’m sure you’d agree?). Despite this toddlerhood still manages to creep up and bite you in the ass and before you know it your once happy to play alone infant needs something to do. I’m sure this happens at all different ages but for us its happened quite recently. Isla is 17 months old now and I’d say over the past month she’s needed a good activity or task to put her mind to rather than just playing on her own.

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