Product Review – Quinny Yezz Stroller

When Isla was 9 months old I quickly found that she was much happier in a world facing position in her pushchair. After a week or so she would no longer parent face so I began my search for a stroller. My main requirements where two things: 1. I wanted something compact and lightweight and 2. I wanted something eye catching and stylish as I really hate the look of most strollers.

My search wasn’t easy, and took me over a month to decide. The Quinny Yezz was one of the first strollers I came across however I continuously put myself off it because of how different it is from most other strollers. In fact, I’d confidently say its the only stroller of its kind out there. I started to find that the weight difference between most strollers and my Ickle Bubba travel system wasn’t much different and with the large baskets underneath they were basically the same thing. I couldn’t justify spending £200-£300 on something that wasn’t a dramatic change from what I had before. My main issues with the travel system was how heavy it is to push and as I use public transport a lot I needed something much smaller and much lighter. After discussing it with my partner we decided the Quinny Yezz was worth a go.

We purchased the Quinny Yezz from our local Argos store for £174.99 and purchased the matching rain cover for an extra £24.99. There is a lot of colour options with the Yezz as with most Quinny products, we went for the Miami Blue which is a lovely pale yet vibrant blue which stand out bright green wheels. We then purchased the Quinny footmuff online in the matching Miami Blue for £49.99.


Our first impressions of the Yezz where positive. The box it came in was small, as expected but seemed heavier than I had imagined. Once home, we unboxed it and assembled it. The assembly for the Yezz was simple, the frame and the seat part are separate so they fit together easily and means that further seat attachments can be bought if you’d like to change the colour or refresh for a sibling. I immediately fell in love with the look of the pushchair and it pushes like an absolute dream. There’s not many pushchairs on the market that can be pushed with one hand, let alone one finger in this case. Perfect for holding onto your toddler or child’s hand while they walk so you can push the pushchair with ease with your free hand.


This pushchair has no basket underneath due to its shape and style. For me this isnt’ an issue as I have a backpack style changing bag and don’t like to over clutter the pushchair. Now that Isla is older (18 months) she doesn’t actually need to much so the pocket at the back of the seat is plenty room for us. In the pictures shown on this post the pocket includes: 2 nappies, 1 full size pack of wipes, 1 sippy cup, 1 pack of pom bears, and my purse (which is pretty big). There is still quite a lot of room left however if you overfill the pocket the pram wont fold properly, but this is the case with most pushchairs in my experience.

I was slightly worried about how the pushchair would cope with the British weather however it’s worked perfectly in rain, wind, and snow. It doesn’t like proper off terrain very much so if you do lots of forest walking you’ll struggle when it comes to pushing, however.. in comes another amazing feature of this pushchair, it folds down and a handy strap makes it easy to carry on your back! So if you have a child that is old enough to walk, you can pretty much take this anywhere.


Another feature that worried me before buying the Quinny Yezz was that it doesn’t recline at all. I decided that I’d give I a go as Isla isn’t  going to nap forever so it wasn’t a total deal breaker. The hammock style seat actually makes it pretty easy and comfortable for children to nap in as long as you get their position right. Isla won’t usually have a full length nap in her pushchair however on occasion she’s slept for longer than an hour depending on how tired she was. You do get a few dirty looks from the older generation for your child napping sitting up so bare that in mind because it gets annoying.


As for the extras that we bought to go with it, the cosy toes is amazing! Isla is so cosy and warm in it, it has a hood type thing so when its cold her little arms fit inside so only her little head is out. The rain cover however is quite frankly the biggest pile of shite I’ve ever bought. First of all half of it isn’t even waterproof the water just goes straight through the material part on the hood and feet. On top of that it doesn’t even stay on! The only good thing is that it folds into its own little built in bag but other that that its crap. I’ve searched high and low for a rain cover to fit but because of the style of the pram its impossible to find one.

Overall I really enjoy our Quinny Yezz and its one of the only things I would keep and continue to use with my next child, however I would probably buy a new seat part to freshen it up again.

Thanks for reading, hope this helped anyone that was interested!

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