19 Month Update

19 months! This month marks the end of ‘she’s such and such months’, I’m now answering with ‘shes one and a half’. Isla is now closer to her second birthday than her first and I’m definitely missing having a baby. However, once again, this is my favorite age (I say this every time).


Isla’s amazing personality shines through more and more each day. She still has all the confidence in the world and loves a good chat with a stranger, especially if they have a dog. As a parent I see it as my job to prepare Isla for her future by giving her all the skills I possibly can in order for her to have a happy life. One of the main things I try to instill will always be equality. At such a young age she might not completely understand but one of the ways I show her this is through interaction with dogs. It’s common for parents to misjudge a dog and discriminate one way or another. My friend who has a pretty large, and very loving husky mentioned this today which showed me another side to my personal experience. She’s found that lots of people keep their children away from her husky as he’s large and they tell their children he might be dangerous. Which is in part true, he might be dangerous (he’s not) just like every other dog/animal. They might be. My personal experience is mostly the opposite. We of course have Arthur, a very tiny fluffy cute chihuahua that ALL kids want to stroke. He doesn’t like strangers touching him and gets VERY nervous when children are all up in his grill. I’m constantly having to remind parents and children that they must ask the owner before they approach a dog. Always, no matter how cute or tempting the dog may be. Always ask. That is the main thing I concentrate on when out with Isla. She’ll stroke any dog but I always say ‘ask the man/lady if you can stroke their doggy’ of course she doesn’t say the words but she’ll read the cues and stroke the dog when I tell her that she can.  I realise I’ve gone a little off subject there but I’ll be keeping it in anyways as it kind of links to her updates.


Anyways, back to the updates. Isla is still a brilliant eater and is slowly starting to drop snacks slightly. I’ve started to only give her fruit snacks as they’re less filling as I don’t think she’s always hungry again by snack time. I mostly just judge by how shes acting or if she asks for one but shes beginning to cut down and ask for seconds at meal times, which is more than fine by me. Shes still having at least three 9 oz bottles of soya milk (one at bedtime, two during the night) which I’m planning on trying to drop once we’re in the new house. Her skin is still very much linked to how well she eats so if she has off days where she’ll only eat not so good food it really shows in her skin as she’ll flare.


In terms of sleep, still not great. She goes to bed at 8pm no bother most nights however she tends to wake up between 11pm and 11.30pm to come into bed with me and have a bottle. She’ll then wake at least once more before bedtime but doesn’t wake for morning until between 7am-8am. She’s still having a day time nap which usually starts anywhere from 11.30am to 1pm after lunch, she’s been having around two hours which is the best thing ever as I can get loads of stuff done so I have less to do when shes awake. I’m praying to god the naps don’t stop anytime soon because I’m pretty lucky to have that little midday break even if all I do is housework.


Islas speech is slowly starting to come along a bit. It’s still my biggest worry and I know that some children her age say less than her but I feel like her speech isn’t a match to her intellect which I think is the main cause of the tantrums. She simply can’t communicate how she feels and although she knows a few signs she doesn’t know enough to properly tell me what she wants. She really tries though, if I ask her what something is and she doesn’t know she’ll just make up a word and go for it. This month she’s started to repeat pretty much anything I’ll say to her but she wont remember the word for next time, but I’m confident that by her 20 month update she’ll have a few more words in her vocab. Fingers crossed.


Potty training isn’t going great if I’m honest. She’ll still sit on her potty but has only weed on it twice since we started five weeks ago. I think the main reason for this is the way I’ve gone about it. I’ve been letting her have nappy off time in the mornings and evenings but I now think if I want her to learn, I’ll have to go for it 100%. So, once we’re in the new house, proper potty training will begin and I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated on our journey.


Thank you so much for showing an interest in Islas monthly update, if you haven’t already you can read more like this one here.


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