Creative Activity – Painting

So as part of a new feature on my blog I decided I’d quite like to pop a little post about the creative activities me and Isla do together. Not sure whether its of any interest but I’d quite like to have them as little memories to look back on as Isla gets older. It will also be nice to see how her creativity improves over time and what activities I’d like to repeat again.

So today our creative activity was painting. We sourced all the materials we needed from our newly formed Craft Box so it didn’t cost us anything and provided us with an activity that killed the best part of an afternoon. I always attempt a creative activity after a long afternoon nap and snack as Isla would be less likely to sit and concentrate if I attempted this on a morning. You know your child best so just choose a time when you know they are calm and ready to get their creative caps on.

Preparation for painting was pretty easy: I just popped the paints in pots, put some feathers, sequins, pom poms, and sticks in more pots, put the messy mat down with her paper and brushes and let her loose. She required a small amount of guidance for ideas on how she could use the materials she had in front of her. We had great fun mark making in the paint and tickling each other with the feathers. I made a point of saying the colour of the paint when she was using it as a way to start slowly introducing colours and I’m hoping after a few more activities she’ll start to pick up a little bit more. I’m hoping that creative activities like this will add to Islas confidence as she was very proud of her finished masterpiece, my next mama task is to find a way to display her pictures pride of place so we can admire them everyday.

Thank you so much for reading! Have you seen my other craft posts? Read more about them here.


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