Gettin’ Our Craft On

Transitioning from an infant to a toddler is anything but a smooth and painless transition (I’m sure you’d agree?). Despite this toddlerhood still manages to creep up and bite you in the ass and before you know it your once happy to play alone infant needs something to do. I’m sure this happens at all different ages but for us its happened quite recently. Isla is 17 months old now and I’d say over the past month she’s needed a good activity or task to put her mind to rather than just playing on her own.

With this in mind, I signed up to ‘toucan box‘, a fortnightly subscription service which delivers a package addressed to your little one. Inside is everything you need to create that boxes item, for example your box might include everything you need to create a crown (that was our last one). Toucan boxes are aimed at 3-8 year old children as some of the tasks are difficult for little hands however with help and guidance its a brilliant activity to do together. I always choose a time when Isla is calm and alert, this is usually after her afternoon nap as she will sit and eat her snack while she helps me. If you fancy a FREE toucan box with no ties to any payments please click here

Isla and I both really enjoy this hour together and so I was keen to extend this to something we could do everyday if we wanted. I really enjoy seeing Isla being creative and having her little pictures to keep forever and I figure the more we practice the better she’ll get. I got together a craft box with all sorts of bits and bobs for sticking for days when I’d like minimal mess. However I’ve also included colourful paper, different brushes and paints for creative messy play and I’d like to add little things for mark making but I’m not sure what. I’ve included a read more tab in case anyone is interested to see what is inside Islas craft box and where I found the little bits and pieces.

  • Colourful Paper – £1 Wilkos
  • Colouring Book – £1 Wilkos
  • Crayola Washable Kids Paint – £4 Wilkos
  • Assorted Paintbrushes and Dabbers – £1.75 Wilkos
  • Plastic Shot Glasses – £1 Poundland
  • Felt Tip Pens – £2 Wilkos
  • Messy Mat – £1 Poundland
  • Crayons – £1 Wilkos
  • Glue Stick – 75p Wilkos
  • Foam Stickers – £1 Poundland
  • Smiley Stickers – 50p Wilkos
  • Feathers – £1 Poundland
  • Craft Box (letters, eyes, pipe cleaners, pom poms, wooden sticks, lollypop sticks, foam shapes, glue, sequins) – £3 Wilkos

Thank you so much for reading! Do you have any craft activities you’d recommend? Or is there anything that you’ve included in your craft box that I’m missing from Islas?


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